Suspect nabbed for alleged credit card skimmer usage at San Antonio fuel station

A local QuikTrip in San Antonio became the center of attention when a customer reported a concerning incident involving their credit card information. According to the customer, while they were inputting their card details into the keypad at one of the gas pumps, the keypad suddenly detached and fell off. This incident prompted the immediate response of the police.

Following the customer’s report, the gas station manager took swift action and requested a technician to inspect all the pumps. Shockingly, the technician discovered skimmers on two separate gas pumps at the QuikTrip location. Skimmers are devices used to illegally collect card and personal information from unsuspecting customers. These skimmers were equipped with overlays on the keypads and card readers, enabling them to gather the sensitive data.

The gravity of the situation prompted the arrival of an evidence technician and a patrolman from the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD). Upon their arrival, the gas station technician informed them that one of the skimmers was still attached to the pump. The evidence technician proceeded to fingerprint the back of the skimming device, initiating an investigation.

In a surprising turn of events, the SAPD latent print examiner confirmed a match between the fingerprints collected from the skimmers and those belonging to a 37-year-old individual named Alejandro Roman-Vivar. Consequently, Roman-Vivar now faces a charge of possession of a criminal instrument or security mechanical device.

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