Suspect Indicted for Murder of Sayreville Council Woman, Rashid Ali Bynum

Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone made a significant announcement today, revealing that Rashid Ali Bynum, a 29-year-old resident of Portsmouth, Virginia, has been indicted by a Middlesex County grand jury. The charges brought against Bynum include first-degree Murder, second-degree Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, and second-degree Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose. This indictment stems from a tragic incident that occurred on February 1, 2023, in the Parlin section of Sayreville, NJ.

On that fateful day, at approximately 7:22 P.M., authorities received a distressing 911 call reporting gunshots fired in the Samuel Circle area. The Sayreville Police Department swiftly responded to the scene, and upon their arrival, they discovered town councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour, 30 years old and hailing from Sayreville, inside her vehicle. Dwumfour had sustained multiple gunshot wounds and tragically succumbed to her injuries. Medical professionals pronounced her deceased at the scene.

After months of investigation, Bynum was apprehended on May 30, 2023, charged with the murder of Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour. Law enforcement authorities arrested Bynum without incident outside a residence in Chesapeake, Virginia. Subsequently, on July 27, 2023, Bynum was extradited to New Jersey and has remained in custody at the Middlesex County Adult Correctional facility.

The case against Bynum came to a pivotal point on August 16, 2023, as Assistant Prosecutor Amber Gibbs presented it before a Middlesex County grand jury. The jury reached a decision, returning the aforementioned indictment, which includes the most severe charges under the law. This development is a testament to the collective efforts of multiple law enforcement agencies working diligently to ensure justice is served.

Authorities are urging anyone with relevant information regarding this case to contact Detective Rebecca Morales of the Sayreville Police Department at 732-727-4444 or Detective Michelle Coppola of the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office at 732-745-3477. Public cooperation is crucial in bringing closure to this tragic incident and holding the responsible parties accountable.

As this high-profile case progresses, the community awaits further updates and developments. The indictment reflects a significant step forward in the pursuit of justice for Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour. The collaboration of law enforcement agencies in bringing about these charges underscores the commitment to ensuring public safety and upholding the rule of law. The impact of this tragedy will forever be etched in the memory of the community, and the legal proceedings surrounding this case will undoubtedly play a significant role in the healing process.

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