Suspect in massacre of 5 neighbors in San Jacinto Co. allegedly beat his wife last year, prosecutor says

The tragic events surrounding the senseless killing of five neighbors in Cleveland, Texas, have unfurled a disturbing history of domestic violence. Reports claim that the wife of the perpetrator, Francisco Oropesa, had filed a protective injunction against him back in 2022, accusing him of physically assaulting her.

San Jacinto County District Attorney Todd Dillon confirmed that the incident occurred on June 14th when Oropesa allegedly attacked his wife, who then proceeded to summon the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office. Despite eluding capture for four days following the mass shooting, Oropesa’s violent tendencies have now come to light.

The incident has raised questions about the significance of agencies and their possible intervention in domestic disputes. The tragedy could have been averted if effective preventive measures had been taken earlier.

The community is still reeling from the shocking loss of life, and officials are continuing to analyze the information and tips to locate the suspected shooter. Meanwhile, investigations remain ongoing to unveil additional details surrounding the tragedy.

Cleveland, Texas has come together to grieve the loss of their fellow citizens, and Cleveland ISD will commemorate the lives lost with a prayer vigil. The survivors continue to express their shock and concern over the delayed response of the authorities, questioning why help did not arrive sooner.

As the search continues for the fugitive, Francisco Oropesa, a reward of $80,000 is being offered to anyone who can provide relevant information to facilitate his capture. Despite the challenges, the community has rallied together to ensure that justice is served and that the families of the victims find comfort amidst their grief.

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