Suspect held responsible for fatal shooting outside METRO bus in SE Houston is expected to surrender

Houston, TX – A man accused of the fatal shooting of a fellow passenger on a METRO bus is expected to turn himself into police after being pursued by the authorities in connection to the incident. The police responded to the shooting on the evening of April 23 in the area of Travis Street at around 11:40 PM, discovering a 43-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds who later died in the hospital.

An investigation revealed that the victim and the suspect, a man identified as Jalen Montrell Gaston, were involved in a physical fight on the bus which led to the victim punching Gaston several times. After they got off the bus, the altercation continued and Gaston drew a handgun, shooting the victim multiple times and leaving him severely injured. The suspect fled the scene, and the authorities had been looking for him ever since. A community activist named Candice Matthews confirmed that Quanell X, a local community leader, would bring Gaston to the HPD on Monday night.

The suspect is described as a burly black man in his early twenties. The Houston Police Department’s Homicide Division is still urging the public to provide any information they may have about the suspect or the case. Anyone with such information can contact the police by calling 713-308-3600. Witnesses to the incident can also reach out to Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS and remain anonymous.

The incident has received significant media attention, with many calling for stricter regulations regarding firearms. The Houston Police Department urges all passengers to refrain from engaging in violent behavior on public transit, as it poses a severe threat to public safety.

The tragic incident underscores the need for appropriate measures to prevent violence on public transportation. With the suspect’s impending surrender, the victim’s family and loved ones can finally begin to hope for justice to be served. This incident shows the importance of cooperation between community behavior and the authorities’ swift action in upholding public order.

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