Suspect Allegedly Posed as Deceased Woman’s Grandson to Sell Her Property – Authorities Investigating

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Braden Emdin, a 38-year-old man from Fort Lauderdale, is facing charges of grand theft, fraud, and filing false documents for allegedly posing as the grandson of a deceased woman in order to steal her home and sell it. The arrest took place in August following an investigation by Detective Joseph Sommovigo of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

According to a probable cause affidavit from the Broward County property appraiser’s office, Emdin submitted false documentation claiming that the owner of the Tamarac home had left her estate to him. The documents included the woman’s will, Emdin’s birth certificate, and an affidavit of affirmation asserting that Emdin had inherited the property.

The fraudulent scheme came to light when the son of the deceased woman filed a complaint, prompting Detective Joseph Sommovigo to launch an investigation into deed fraud. The South Florida SunSentinel was the first to report Emdin’s arrest, noting that he had been residing in the home and attempting to sell it for approximately half a million dollars before his arrest.

In an attempt to support his false claims, Emdin submitted fabricated documentation asserting that the homeowner intended for her “grandson” to inherit the property upon her demise, so that he could create a home of his own. Furthermore, the probable cause affidavit revealed that Emdin engaged in numerous telephone calls and emails with employees at the property appraiser’s office and the title company, aiming to deceive them into believing he was the rightful heir.

Nonetheless, Emdin’s plan was thwarted on August 17 when he appeared at the title company in Cooper City to sign a warranty deed falsely indicating ownership of the property. Law enforcement promptly arrested him and transported him to jail, where he awaits further legal proceedings.

Emdin’s alleged scheme appears to be a calculated effort to fraudulently obtain and sell the deceased woman’s home. The intricate web of false documentation and deceptive actions employed by the suspect demonstrates a deliberate and premeditated intention to wrongfully take possession of the property. The authorities are now working to bring Emdin to justice for his alleged crimes.

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