“SunFest attendees can showcase their creativity by painting and leaving their imprint on festival grounds.”

SunFest Celebrates Art and Community with “Mobile Murals”

West Palm Beach, Florida – Sunfest, an annual music and arts festival, is about more than just music. One of the ways the festival is bringing the community together this year is through the creation of “Mobile Murals”. Craig McInnis, an artist from a family of artists and big-band musicians, is leading the initiative.

McInnis is known for his works of art, which are displayed on every wall of his art studio. He expressed his joy at the opportunity to work on such a large scale at SunFest, saying “It really is living the dream.” In collaboration with Scott, he has created large surfboards for visitors to paint on and decorate, bringing a new level of interaction and fun to the festival.

In addition to the visually impressive murals, the project aims to inspire future artists by providing a public canvas and encouraging those of any skill level to pick up a paintbrush. “It’s basically a large format coloring book,” McInnis said. “It will allow someone to stop and interact with and have fun with, leave their mark which is another beautiful part of it. They can feel like they are part of the event, feel like they are a part of SunFest.”

The project, which has received positive feedback from festival-goers and artists alike, showcases the importance of collaboration between festivals, local talent, and the community. McInnis expressed a sincere hope that SunFest will continue to add elements like this in the future, as it has helped build a vibrant local arts scene. He believes that “things like this are an example of an entity of SunFest realizing that when you use not only artist and talent in general, but local talent, it just builds the whole scene up. It gives it a festival vibe.”

Whether one is an experienced artist or just looking to have a bit of fun, the “Mobile Murals” provide a unique opportunity for visitors to SunFest to engage with art and leave their mark on the community. Visitors should look for the “Mobile Murals” sign and come join the fun!

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