Study finds the US is more lenient on the treatment of transgender people than Europe

EXCLUSIVE: The US is more lenient than any other European country when it comes to giving children access to health services in case of a gender reassignment, according to a new study.

A study published by the Do No Harm group, which seeks to insulate the healthcare profession from “radical, diverse and discriminatory ideologies”, analyzed the laws of European countries and concluded that “the United States is the most liberal country when it comes to legal and medical gender transition of children. Laws in the US vary by state, but in general, transgender youth in America have greater access to gender-based clinics, puberty blockers, transgender hormones, and surgeries, often without parental consent.

Dr. William Malone, a board-certified endocrinologist, said the US political environment does not encourage doctors to criticize the use of unproven and risky medical interventions in young people because they fear backlash from powerful medical associations and politicians.

“We are dealing with possibly the biggest medical and ethical scandal of our time,” Malone told Fox News Digital. “Transgender medicine is big business and the young people who transition today will be patients for life, for the next 60 plus years. Mental health among young people is at an all-time low, making them particularly vulnerable to solutions that offer “easy fixes”.


The Biden administration declared gender-affirming treatment of minors a "life-saving concern."

The Biden administration declared gender-affirming treatment of minors a “life-saving concern.”
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The Biden administration has declared gender-affirming treatment of minors a “saving care” while some Republican-led states that have attempted to restrict access face legal challenges over the decisions. Meanwhile, the study notes that several European countries have waived the availability of treatment for transgender people to minors.

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service announced last year that it would close its only gender clinic for children and move from an assertion model to treating gender dysphoria with great skepticism through psychotherapy. The country will discourage the use of social transitions in prepubescent children, and health services will need a broader range of medical services beyond gender experts such as pediatricians, autism, neurodeficiency and mental health professionals before treating children for gender dysphoria.


In 2000, Finland announced that it would withdraw its approach to transgender youth from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and would use psychotherapy as the primary treatment for children with gender dysphoria.

In December, Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare updated guidelines to call for caution in transgender treatment for young people unless there is an “exceptional” case of gender dysphoria. The board stated that there was insufficient evidence of what caused the dramatic increase in dysphoria in adolescent girls and cited cases of detransition as a cause for concern.

The French Academy of Medicine said last year that more caution needed to be taken about the unprecedented rise in transgender youth and noted the problem of defining dysphoria as a permanent or adolescent phase.

Some medical experts say transgender politics in the US has become overly politicized.

Some medical experts say transgender politics in the US has become overly politicized.
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Malone said the Biden administration’s approach to transgender medicine “doesn’t make sense,” adding that invasive therapies should not be promoted until it can be proven to help more than harm.

“We moved on to hormones and surgery without going through the most obvious alternative, therapy,” Malone said. “We need to take a step back and explore these various interventions before we can determine the best way forward. have done, and we hope the US will follow suit.”


The Biden administration promoted puberty blockers and transgender hormone treatments for transgender children, despite spending about $17 million between 2021 and 2022 on research to analyze drug-related hazards and uncertainties through the National Institutes of Health. These hazards include the possibility of increased cardiovascular risk, decreased ability to fight sexually transmitted infections, and infertility.

Moti Gorin, a bioethicist at Colorado State University, said transgender politics have become too politicized in the US and that lawmakers should join European countries as they refuse to treat transgender youth to better examine the implications.

“In medicine, it is very unusual to see such significant international differences between rich countries in the approach of their medical authorities to treat patients,” Gorin told Fox News Digital. “While major US medical organizations claim that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are safe and effective for treating young people with gender dysphoria, some of these European countries, each with a more progressive LGBT+ climate, take a closer look. examined the evidence.

“And they came to a different conclusion. From an ethical standpoint, this is a concern because both approaches cannot be right, meaning that some, perhaps many, of these vulnerable patients are not receiving proper care.”

A new study concluded that "the United States is the most liberal country when it comes to legal and medical gender reassignment."

A new study concluded that “the United States is the most liberal country when it comes to legal and medical gender reassignment.”
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Most US states require parental consent for the use of puberty blockers, which can begin as early as age 8. Oregon recognizes the right to puberty blockers for transgender youth 15 years of age and older and may allow treatment without parental consent.

The study notes that in most European countries, puberty blockers are not given without parental consent until age 18 and with parental consent at age 16. However, Sweden allows access without consent at 12, Finland at 13, and Denmark and Ireland at 15.

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Some US states are trying to restrict minors’ access to transgender hormone therapy, while others allow access with parental consent starting at age 13.

Several US states restrict minors’ access to transgender surgeries. More liberal states are following the WPAT guidelines, which suggest that transgender teens can be operated on from the age of 15. Operations for 14 year olds have been documented in the US.

Almost all European countries ban operations on transgender youth without parental consent due to their nationalized health systems that do not allow any operation without parental consent.

Democrats condemned Republican efforts to limit access to transgender treatment for children.

Democrats condemned Republican efforts to limit access to transgender treatment for children.
(Jake Crandall/Advisor Montgomery via AP)

There are over 60 pediatric gender clinics in the US and 300 clinics that offer transgender treatment to minors, in stark contrast to European countries, most of which only have one to three options for transgender youth.


Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project, said the US differs from Europe in transgender access because the American system can be profit driven.

“Now there is no doubt that our medical industry and government agencies care more about ideology and profit than about the health and well-being of our children,” Schilling told Fox News Digital. “Hopefully the looming cascade of malpractice lawsuits will finally convince them to return to sanity, as Europe is doing now. Legislators in Congress and states should also start to intervene. For the sake of America’s families, it’s time to end this terrible experiment.”

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