Students in IDEA school engage in 30-second brawl before staff intervention.

A mother has expressed her concern and shock about a threadbare response by a teacher who failed to intervene in a fight between two girls that occurred in a classroom of IDEA Hidden Meadow campus. The parent reported the incident by uploading a video of the fight to KENS 5, highlighting that the altercation went on for at least thirty seconds before any staff members controlled the situation. The parent also expressed concerns that the teacher shown in the video was more consumed with the students recording the incident with their phones rather than stepping in to stop the fight that could have endangered the safety of all students.

The video was circulated on Instagram and other social media platforms and was submitted to the news station by the concerned parent, who wishes to remain anonymous. The parent’s child is a student at IDEA Public Schools, and they have multiple children attending the same charter school company.

IDEA Public Schools were contacted by KENS 5 for clarification as to whether a teacher was permitted to stop a fight if it broke out. Although IDEA Public Schools did not respond to this specific question, given its ambiguity, a spokesperson from the charter school company stated publicly, “We’re investigating this incident that took place in a classroom and always prioritize the safety and security of our students.” IDEA Public Schools instructed its teachers to follow the correct protocol to prevent an altercation while simultaneously notifying the anti-bullying staff members for support.

The video provides footage of two girls fighting in the classroom while a teacher stands idly by. The adult made little attempt to intervene in the fight while continuously yelling at students to put their phones away. Only after 35 seconds into the video did an adult intervene and attempt to break up the fight, while the third adult separated the girls at 60 seconds.

The concerned parent told KENS 5 that she wants an investigation into the incident and further expressed that the teacher should have taken immediate control of the situation. This regrettable situation has brought more attention to the concern around teacher/student violence and schools tackling these types of incidents.

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