Street racers that killed an elderly woman in the Far East Dallas while she was walking her dog are identified, one arrested

Dallas, TX – One of the street racers that killed a woman in Far East Dallas in hit-and-run incident has been arrested, while the second suspect is still on the run.

According to the police, the arrested suspect was identified as the 19-year-old Brayan Ontiveros Montoya and he is now facing multiple charges including street racing and causing an accident involving death.

The police added that the arrested suspect was driving the Camaro involved in a street racing when the 73-year-old victim was hit by the second driver who is still on the run.

Instead of stopping and helping the victim, the suspects fled the scene and the police have been working round the clock to identify and locate them. For this case, the authorities worked with tips, social media, and information from a witness.

Not far from where she was struck, there’s now a flashing speed limit sign.

“This beautiful woman, who was so beloved by friends and family in this community,” local resident and victim’s neighbor said.

A yellow Camaro and a black Chevrolet Impala were caught on camera racing southbound on Ferguson.

According to the police who were also able to obtain a surveillance video from the incident, a yellow Camaro and a black Chevrolet Impala were street racing when the driver of the Impala lost control over the vehicle in an effort to avoid another vehicle and hit and killed the 73-year-old Linda Pearson while she was walking her dog.

Friday, police identified the driver of the black Impala as 18-year-old Andrew Ramiro Martinez. He is still on the run, but authorities are actively looking for him. contributed to this report.

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