Spurs Introduce Distinctive ‘Por Vida’ Hot Sauce

San Antonio Spurs, the renowned basketball team, has recently unveiled their exclusive hot sauce called “Por Vida” in collaboration with Humble House. This locally made hot sauce is now available for purchase at the Spurs Fan Shop in the Frost Bank Center and can also be obtained by texting SAUCE to 210-444-5050. Priced at $10 per bottle, this limited edition hot sauce is expected to sell out quickly.

The “Por Vida” hot sauce is designed to offer a mild spice level while prioritizing flavor over intense heat. This unique approach ensures that the sauce caters to a wide range of taste buds and complements various dishes, from steaks to tacos to barbecue. With its notes of smoky black pepper and charred peppers, the hot sauce adds an authentic taste of Central Texas to any culinary creation.

Humble House, a locally owned company that originated in The Pearl District, has crafted the “Por Vida” hot sauce to reflect the authentic flavor of San Antonio. Moreover, the company prides itself on promoting access to fresh and healthy food for all individuals. The partnership between Humble House and the Spurs not only produces a superior product but also supports a respected local business.

Luis Morales, the founder of Humble House Foods, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration with the iconic Spurs, stating, “We are so honored to work with such an iconic brand like the Spurs. We all grew up wanting to be a part of their story, and this is just a testimony to how integrated the Spurs are in the San Antonio community. We are humbled that they chose to partner with us and excited for this brand-new flavor to hit San Antonio shelves.”

Jordan Mandelkorn, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Creative Studio for Spurs Sports & Entertainment, emphasized the significance of this joint venture in connecting with fans on a personal level. He stated, “This collaborative venture allows us to integrate into our fans’ daily lives in a fresh and exciting way, bringing the action off the court and into their kitchens. Teaming up with Humble House on this launch allows us to produce a superior product with only the best ingredients, while simultaneously supporting a respected local business.”

To experience the exceptional taste of the “Por Vida” hot sauce, fans attending Spurs home games can visit the table located directly across from the Fan Shop on the concourse level. There, they can sample the hot sauce by dipping a tortilla chip. After savoring the flavor, fans are encouraged to make their way into the Fan Shop and purchase a bottle of this delectable sauce.

Finally, it is worth noting that the “Por Vida” hot sauce is not excessively spicy. It strikes a delicate balance between heat and flavor, making it enjoyable for individuals with varying degrees of spice tolerance. So, whether you’re a die-hard Spurs fan or simply a hot sauce enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity to add this exceptional condiment to your culinary collection.

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