Spurs Approve New City Edition Jerseys and In-Season Tournament Court

The San Antonio Spurs showcased their new In-Season Tournament court as they played their first tournament game against the Timberwolves on Friday night at the Frost Bank Center in San Antonio. The tournament, introduced by the NBA to add excitement to the regular season, brought with it new-look courts for the games. The Spurs’ court featured the city’s iconic Tower of the Americas at the center court, a vibrant yellow stripe, the tournament trophy, and a green and yellow colorway that pays homage to the 55th anniversary of the World’s Fair in San Antonio: Hemisfair.

Although the court had a unique appearance, the players quickly adapted and enjoyed playing on it. Cedi Osman admitted that it felt weird at first, but ultimately praised it as one of the best courts. However, not all teams’ new courts received the same positive response. Many In-Season courts, with their bold and vibrant colors, divided the fanbase, including Osman, who found some of them “weird.” Nevertheless, he expressed his satisfaction with the Spurs’ court, stating, “There were a couple of courts that I didn’t like but overall I like ours.” Jeremy Sochan echoed this sentiment, describing the court as “fire” and expressing his enjoyment of playing on it.

In addition to the new court, the Spurs also debuted their City Edition jerseys and warmups. The uniforms featured brown warm-up suits that perfectly complemented the white and orange jerseys, aiming to evoke the nostalgic atmosphere of the 1970s Hemisfair. The players praised the jerseys, with Osman stating, “The jerseys looked really nice. I liked our colors,” and Sochan adding, “The jerseys are fire too. I really enjoyed them.” While Spurs fans had mixed feelings about the new court and uniforms, there was an overwhelming presence of fans wearing the new City Edition jerseys and gear at the game.

The next opportunity to see the Spurs in their City Edition jerseys and on the new court will be on November 17th when they face off against the Kings. Fans are encouraged to share their thoughts on the court and uniforms on Twitter at @KENS5 and @JeffGSpursKENS5. The Spurs’ In-Season Tournament court and City Edition jerseys have undeniably added a fresh and vibrant element to the team’s aesthetics, generating both excitement and discussion among fans and players alike.

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