Southwest Airlines can mandate employees to get vaccinated, judge say

Dallas, TX – U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn ruled in favor of Southwest Airlines when it comes to vaccine mandates for their employees, multiple sources reported.

Southwest Airlines pilot union’s bid to block Southwest Airlines from imposing a vaccine mandate was rejected by the judge and judge Lynn says that the company is within its power to require vaccination as a safety measure.

The pilot union initially requested a temporary restraining order against the airline’s requirement to be issued, but they failed.

According to the judge, the company has the power and the right to mandate their workers to get the vaccines in an effort to improve the general safety and keep their business operations ongoing.

The White House vaccine mandate applies for all federal workers including companies that are government contractors. Since Southwest is government contractor, they are obligated to follow the federal vaccine mandate and therefore, to get their employees vaccinated in order to fully comply with Biden’s mandate.

The company initially said that those who will decide not to get vaccinated will be fired, but the company’s CEO last week said not a single worker will be fired after all.

While Southwest strongly encourage their employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19, they also encourage workers to ask for medical or religious exemption from being vaccinated if they object to getting the shots.

November 24 is the end date when Southwest employees are obligated to show proof of vaccination or request an exemption. contributed to this report.

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