Slide Insurance offers coverage to 86,000 Farmers Insurance clients

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – In a move that offers a glimmer of hope to displaced policyholders of Farmers Insurance in Florida, Slide Insurance has announced its acquisition of renewal rights for a whopping 86,000 Farmers policies. The CEO of Slide Insurance, Bruce Lucas, emphasized that this is merely an offer, and policyholders are free to accept or reject it. However, he highlighted the significance of this opportunity, particularly in a market where options are increasingly scarce.

Farmers Insurance had previously announced its withdrawal from the Florida market due to the substantial risk exposure posed by hurricanes. This decision left many policyholders in a state of uncertainty. However, Slide Insurance’s acquisition of a significant number of policies is seen as a positive development by Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis, who was quoted in a Slide news release expressing his optimism regarding the situation.

Slide Insurance, a Tampa-based company that was established three years ago, has managed to secure an impressive A financial rating. This achievement reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards and providing reliable coverage to its clients. Bruce Lucas, the CEO of Slide Insurance, emphasized his personal connection to Florida, stating that it is his backyard, where he resides with his family. With extensive experience in running Florida-based insurance companies since 2012, Lucas confidently asserted his familiarity with the market.

Despite the inherent risks associated with areas such as South Florida, Slide Insurance has positioned itself as a leading insurance provider in the state. Lucas acknowledged that factors such as inflation can influence rates, but he reassured policyholders that Slide Insurance strives to offer affordable solutions to Florida homeowners. He explained that as home values increase, premiums may rise due to the expanded coverage provided. However, he emphasized that on the whole, Slide Insurance remains dedicated to providing accessible and comprehensive coverage.

The acquisition of renewal rights for 86,000 Farmers policies by Slide Insurance signifies a significant development in the Florida insurance market. It provides policyholders with an alternative option amidst the limited choices available. While the timeline for property insurance relief remains uncertain, this acquisition offers a glimmer of hope for those affected by Farmers Insurance’s withdrawal. With its A financial rating and commitment to affordable solutions, Slide Insurance stands as a beacon of stability in an ever-changing landscape.

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