Skaters find a slice of home and an excellent escape at Fire Station Skate Park

The newly opened Fire Station Skate Park has become a hub for the skating community, providing a place for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to come together and enjoy the sport. Located on Hemphill Street, the park has quickly gained popularity among both new and experienced skaters.

For April Keller and her two sons, who recently moved from Southern California to Texas, the park offered a sense of familiarity and home. Skateboarding had been a big part of their lives in California, and they were excited to find a place where they could continue to pursue their passion. “In California, there’s this big scene,” Keller said. “Their friends in California are also raving about this park. We’re trying to get them to come here.”

Will Landes, a resident of the Berkeley Place neighborhood, also expressed his enthusiasm for the park. He had previously been traveling to other areas to find good skating spots, so the close proximity of the park was a welcome change. “There really aren’t any parks in the middle of Fort Worth,” Landes said. “And now that I have a kid, you know, he likes to go to the skate park too. It’s nice to have one in the neighborhood.”

Landes has been skating since his teenage years and recently picked it up again in his 30s, finding it to be a great outlet to clear his mind and spend time with his family. He also noted that the skating community has grown in recent years, with more girls and people from different backgrounds getting involved.

The Fire Station Skate Park provides features such as a pump track, designed to allow skaters to maintain momentum without pushing, as well as other obstacles for skaters to practice their skills. Its central location in Fort Worth makes it easily accessible for many people in the community.

As for Landes and his children, they plan to continue visiting the park and being a part of the growing skating community. “It’s a good place for me to get away and spend time with my son,” Landes said. “If the community is really strong that way, there’s no reason not to be a part of it.”

The park has become a place where people from different neighborhoods can come together, share their love of skating, and create bonds with one another. The Fire Station Skate Park is another example of how skateboarding continues to be a thriving and growing sport that brings people together.

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