Significance of Hispanic Vote in 2024 Election.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is widely speculated to be preparing for the presidential election in 2024, and as the election approaches, many are trying to predict the potential outcomes and the factors that could sway the election. One of the most important constituencies in any US presidential election are minorities, and the Hispanic vote has gained significant prominence due to its sheer size and diversity. Sophia Hernandez, a reporter, recently explored the importance of the Hispanic vote in the upcoming 2024 presidential race and how their vote could make all the difference.

In the heart of Little Havana in Miami, a local park is where dominoes are played, and the community gathers. During a game of dominoes, a woman named Maria explained why she believes Hispanics vote in a particular way. Maria explained that, like all Americans, Hispanics aspire towards a country that flourishes and provides ample job opportunities and security. Maria stated that violence, kidnappings, and robberies in Latin America are leading to people migrating to the US in search of safety and stability.

Antonio, another dominoes player, expressed his agreement with the state’s very strong hold on politics, particularly among Cuban-Americans. The Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University has stated that after 2018, there has been a resurgence in the interest of the Republican Party among Cuban-Americans. Meanwhile, Florida International University’s Cuba Poll for 2022 indicates that while Cubans only make up 0.7% of America’s population, they are 7.2% of Florida’s and 35.9% of Miami-Dade County’s. Venezuelans and Nicaraguans account for 17.5% of voters nationwide, but 18.6% of Florida’s voters and 32.4% of Miami-Dade County’s voters. Cuban Americans tend to be the most “red” leaning, with 51.6% registered as Republicans in Florida, while other Hispanic groups only account for 16.3%.

The political climate in Latin America is also a significant factor that is slowly swaying voter opinions for more recent migrants to Florida. Eduardo Gamarra, a political expert, explained that Latin Americans tend to vote based on two factors: what Washington says about their home country and what is going on in their home country. He cited the recent political changes in Chile as an example of the swing towards a new right emerging in the region.

The Hispanic vote is crucial in the upcoming presidential election. Although Florida is already a red state, different subgroups of Hispanics have varying voting patterns that could become a deciding factor in the election. Gamarra believes that there will be a high rate of naturalization among Colombians, who tend to vote blue, while Puerto Ricans, who historically vote red, may vote for DeSantis. However, Barrera emphasized that Hispanics are not a set-in-stone conservative vote. A group called Cubanos Pa’lante was created after the 2020 election to give a voice to Hispanics in Florida who vote blue.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump are heavily favored by conservative Hispanics, and FIU’s poll indicates that 37% of Cuban Americans would prefer Trump on the 2024 presidential ballot, while 21% would rather see DeSantis. Both experts believe that DeSantis has a better chance of winning if all subgroups of Hispanics are factored in. However, Hispanics not affiliated with any party comprise 27.1% of Cubans and 42.7% of other Hispanics in Florida. Similarly, 21.3% of Cubans and 40.9% of other Hispanics consider themselves Democrats.

In summary, a significant percentage of Hispanics in Florida and Miami-Dade County are vocal about their views and how they will decide their vote in the upcoming presidential election. Both DeSantis and Trump have their share of supporters, but their hold on the Hispanic vote remains unpredictable. Hispanics in Florida tend to be conservative, but some lean towards the Democratic Party, and recent political changes in Latin American countries might sway voter opinion. The Hispanic vote could be a deciding factor in the upcoming election.

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