Shooting in Trenton Under Investigation by Police

At approximately 2:30 p.m. on May 9, 2023, Trenton Police were dispatched to the corner of Pennington Avenue and Prospect Street in response to a report of a shooting. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the shooting had actually occurred on Hoffman Avenue in close proximity to Pennington Avenue. The victim was subsequently transported for medical treatment, with TEMS and Capital Health Paramedics guiding the process, due to sustained serious injuries.

The Trenton Police Department has since undertaken an active and ongoing investigation into the incident. As of this time, no additional details regarding the shooting have been made public. Should any additional information prove to be forthcoming, this story will be promptly updated with those particulars.

Images captured on the scene were taken by Brian McCarthy, OnScene News. At present, it remains unclear just what the underlying circumstances of the shooting might have been. An atmosphere of concern and uncertainty currently hangs thick in the air, as local residents seek answers and reassurances in the aftermath of this latest violent event.

In the meantime, residents are urged to exercise caution and to remain vigilant for any emerging information relevant to the case. Anyone with information regarding this incident is strongly encouraged to come forward and to report their insights to the Trenton Police Department, in the hopes of helping officials to close in on the truth and to secure greater peace and safety for the community as a whole.

As the investigation continues, Trenton residents await with bated breath, eager to learn what brought about this tragedy and to work toward preventing such incidents in the future. The hope is that officials will work swiftly and with all due diligence to uncover the facts and to bring about a swift and just resolution to the matter.

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