Shooting in northeast Austin leaves one person dead late Tuesday night

Austin, Texas – In a late-night shooting incident that took place on Tuesday, a man lost his life in northeast Austin. The Austin Police Department (APD) received a call at 11:30 pm on May 9th, Tuesday, near the Windsor Park neighborhood’s edge, located at the intersection of Manor Road and Rogge Lane. On reaching the spot, the police found a man lying on the nearby street, Breeze Lane, with gunshot wounds on his upper body. As per the APD spokesperson, the man was immediately given urgent medical attention but was pronounced dead on the scene.

The police are still investigating the incident, trying to understand what happened. Surprisingly, the 911 call came from a different location than where the man was found, adding to the mystery surrounding the case. KVUE, in its determination to give timely and accurate news to the public, is in contact with the police to retrieve more details of this matter.

The APD spokesperson stated that a person has been taken into custody, but it is currently unclear whether the arrest was due to any outstanding warrant or was directly linked to the victim’s death. However, the APD assured that the incident was an isolated one, and there are no immediate safety threats to the surrounding area.

Eric Pointer, a famous journalist and TV personality, tweeted about the incident with a post stating that the APD officials are investigating the murder case, and the suspected person has been arrested, and it remains unclear whether he is the culprit responsible for the murder or not.

Counted as a developing story, KVUE is continuing to keep track of the incident and provide updates to the public as soon as there are any developments. Such incidents remind that the safety of our society still needs improvement. We hope the police will soon resolve the case and justice prevails.

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