Sheriff’s Office Launches Mariachi La Ley, a New Musical Ensemble

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas — The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, known for its commitment to the safety and security of inmates, has added a unique touch to its operations. Every Wednesday, the sound of mariachi music fills the halls as the office’s very own mariachi group, Mariachi La Ley, performs. This powerful musical team was formed earlier this year by four detention deputies, and Deputy Andrea Guadiano is one of the founding members.

Referring to her fellow musicians as her “mijos and mijas,” Deputy Guadiano proudly states that the safety and security of the inmates is their primary responsibility. However, their second job is fueled by their love for music. When people see them performing in their uniforms, confusion often arises. Deputy Guadiano humorously shares the questions they receive, “Wait, are you dressed up as musicians or police officers? We are detention deputies. We have our licenses. We have our badge. It is real. We are also performers.”

Starting with just four members, the group is steadily growing, with new cadets joining in. The purpose of the group is simple, as Deputy Guadiano explains, “Music ties a lot of people together. When words fail, music speaks. Especially being a mariachi group here, being part of the big Hispanic culture in Bexar County and the love for it.”

Adam Cruz, a member of the group, has been immersed in mariachi music since his childhood. The group diligently practices once a week, and Cruz expresses his deep connection with his fellow musicians, stating, “It feels more like a family than a group. It is great spending time with these guys.”

The group credits the sheriff for their existence, as he envisioned and supported such a musical endeavor within the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. They also attribute the name of the group to his guidance. Mariachi La Ley exclusively performs at community events and for non-profit organizations, with their next significant performance scheduled for the Veteran’s Day parade.

To witness the full brilliance of their performances, a video is provided below, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the captivating melodies and vibrant spirit of Mariachi La Ley.

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