Several people injured, including a minor, in two connected shooting incidents in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth police got a lot of work done Monday evening as they responded to two shooting incidents that are considered to be linked.

The first call came in at around 8:40 p.m. regarding a shooting in the 5700 block of Humbert Avenue, while the second call that came in minutes later was in reference to a shooting just a few blocks from the location of the first incident, at the Lincoln Terrace Apartments.

According to the investigation carried on so far, Fort Worth police think both incidents were connected and those involved were acquaintances.

Rocks were thrown at one party’s vehicle while they were inside the apartment complex, which caused them to get upset. As a result, that individual drove to the residence that had been the subject of the first gunfire report and opened fire towards the house.

A child who was outside of the home when the shooting incident took place got injured.

Another person who got injured and was also related to the child that was shot outside, took out a weapon and opened fire at the vehicle. According to the reports of the police, a female passenger was shot in the arm before fleeing the scene. She was taken for treatment at a nearby hospital.

Additional details were not made public.

The investigation remains open and anyone with information is asked to contact the Fort Worth Police Department. contributed to this report.

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