Serious Crash Investigation Closes Route 130 North Bound in South Brunswick

On January 31, 2024, at approximately 5:27 p.m., emergency personnel including the police, firefighters, and EMS swiftly responded to a grave collision that occurred at the intersection of Route 130 and Stults Road in South Brunswick, New Jersey. This distressing incident involved a South Brunswick Township School Bus and a car, resulting in significant damage and potential injuries.

Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that several individuals were trapped inside the car, necessitating immediate extrication efforts. Thankfully, the competent response teams successfully rescued the occupants from the wreckage and promptly transported them to a nearby medical facility for urgent treatment. Meanwhile, two students and the bus driver emerged unharmed from the unfortunate crash, providing a small glimmer of relief amidst the chaos.

In response to this calamitous event, the South Brunswick Police have taken swift action by shutting down Route 130 North Bound from Route 32 to Stults Road. This necessary closure aims to facilitate a thorough investigation into the causes and repercussions of the serious motor vehicle collision. Furthermore, the intersection of Stults Road at Route 130 has also been temporarily sealed off to ensure the safety and security of all individuals involved.

Authorities from the South Brunswick Police, in collaboration with the esteemed Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, have undertaken the responsibility of meticulously examining the circumstances surrounding this devastating incident. Their diligent efforts seek to shed light on the sequence of events leading up to the collision, identify any potential contributing factors, and ensure that justice is served.

As the investigation unfolds, it is imperative for motorists and residents to steer clear of the affected area and devise alternative routes to minimize disruption. The South Brunswick Police and related authorities will continue to provide updates on the progress of their investigation as additional information becomes available. The gravity of this incident reminds us of the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and staying vigilant while on the road, as even a single moment of negligence can have far-reaching consequences.

In conclusion, the collision between a South Brunswick Township School Bus and a car at the intersection of Route 130 and Stults Road has left a community in shock and emergency responders working tirelessly to ensure the well-being of those involved. The prompt actions of the response teams, coupled with the ongoing investigation by the South Brunswick Police and Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, will hopefully provide answers and closure to those affected by this harrowing event.

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