Security First Insurance President Provides Tips for Florida Home Insurance Customers

ORLANDO, Fla. – In a recent interview with News 6 investigator Mike Holfeld, Melissa DeVriese, the president of Security First Insurance company in Ormond Beach, delved into the pivotal role insurance companies will play in responding to the call for coverage in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia, shedding light on important information that policy holders need to be aware of.

According to DeVriese, Security First is well prepared to handle the aftermath of the hurricane. With a workforce of 443 employees, more than half of whom are in the claims department, the company is fully equipped to handle the influx of claims. Additionally, they utilize the services of six national providers to supplement their own staff, instilling a sense of confidence in their ability to handle the storm and its aftermath effectively.

Speaking exclusively to News 6, DeVriese offered valuable tips for insurance policy holders in Florida. One of the most fundamental pieces of advice she emphasized was the importance of knowing how to file a claim. This is an essential skill that every homeowner should possess, as it expedites the claims process and ensures that policy holders receive the necessary support.

Furthermore, DeVriese emphasized the significance of policy holders being knowledgeable about their coverage. Understanding their policy number and familiarizing themselves with the specific coverages included, such as flood insurance, if applicable, can prove to be crucial in the event of a disaster. By proactively knowing these details, policy holders can be better prepared to handle any unexpected circumstances that may arise.

In situations where a policy holder is unsure about their coverage or how to contact their insurance company, DeVriese recommended reaching out to their agent as the first course of action. These agents can serve as a valuable resource and provide guidance and assistance when policy holders are navigating the claims process. If the agent is unavailable, contacting the carrier directly is an alternative option.

DeVriese also brought attention to the existence of web portals on insurance carriers’ websites. These portals offer convenient access to relevant information and resources that policy holders may require during the claims process. Utilizing these platforms can streamline interactions with insurance companies and enhance the efficiency of addressing any issues that may arise.

In terms of storm event anticipation, DeVriese highlighted Security First’s proactive approach. Prior to and following a storm, the company sends notifications to its customers, containing essential information such as claim filing procedures, policy numbers, and additional resources. This personalized communication has been well-received by customers and has proven to be highly beneficial in equipping policy holders with the necessary tools to tackle the aftermath of a storm.

DeVriese also stressed the significance of documenting any damage that occurs. This can be achieved through photographs or videos, which serve as invaluable evidence for the claims process. Furthermore, policy holders are encouraged to contact their insurance carrier as soon as possible to initiate the claims process, as prompt reporting facilitates quicker resolution. However, the duration of the entire process depends on the carrier and the scale of the event.

In conclusion, insurance companies, such as Security First, are poised to provide the necessary support and coverage for policy holders in times of crisis. By understanding how to file a claim, being knowledgeable about their coverage, and promptly reporting any damage, policy holders can contribute to a smoother claims process and expedited recovery of their homes.

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