Sebastian Police Corporal Receives Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award from Attorney General.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody awarded the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year honor to Sebastian Police Department Cpl. Ritchie Revis during a ceremony at the Florida Capitol on Tuesday. Moody commended Revis for his heroic efforts in rescuing two kidnapping victims held at gunpoint. She said, \”Due to his courage and composure under pressure, Cpl. Revis played an integral role in leading law enforcement in a dangerous pursuit of a criminal and saved the lives of two women. It is officers like Cpl. Revis and everyone in Florida’s law enforcement ranks, that help us build a stronger, safer Florida.\”

Last June, Sebastian Police Department received an alert from Osceola County regarding a kidnapping. Deputies from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, and officers from Sebastian Police Department pursued the suspect. The suspect had taken two women at gunpoint and shot one of the hostages, resulting in injuries.

Revis led the pursuit in a dangerous high-speed chase, during which the suspect shot at Revis multiple times. Eventually, the suspect’s car got stuck in soft sand, and he pushed one of the injured victims out of the car and dragged the other victim at gunpoint through a wooded area to escape. Revis demonstrated immense bravery and led his team through the dark, putting himself in harm’s way and braving gunfire from the kidnapper until the suspect fell and the victims were saved.

For his courage and heroic efforts, Revis was rightfully awarded the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year honor. Moody also recognized seven other law enforcement officers at the award ceremony, including Detective Daniel Melgar of the Boca Raton Police Services Department.

Moody’s recognition of Revis highlights the importance of such brave law enforcement officers in our society. The state’s top law enforcement officials must acknowledge their efforts and commitment to the well-being of the community, as it serves as a model for other officers to follow. The courage of Revis and his team in the pursuit of the kidnapper, despite the dangers and pitfalls involved, reiterates the fact that the forces of law and order are always committed to their roles. Finally, the Honorable Ashely Moody’s recognition and appreciation of Revis’ exceptional efforts serves to create pride and encourage public confidence in the system.

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