SeaWorld Plans October Eclipse Celebration for Rare ‘Ring of Fire’ Phenomenon

Bexar County, located in Texas, will find itself in the main pathway of an upcoming solar eclipse, a celestial event that is set to occur on Sunday, October 14. This eclipse will offer a rare opportunity for residents of several local cities to witness 100 percent coverage.

Known as the “Ring of Fire,” this particular eclipse will showcase an extraordinary sight. Nearly the entire sun will be concealed by the moon, leaving behind a magnificent orange rim, reminiscent of a ring of fire.

To celebrate this remarkable event, SeaWorld, a popular amusement park in San Antonio, will be hosting a special eclipse party on the same day. The festivities will kick off at 10:30 a.m. and include various attractions such as live DJs, costumed characters, and exclusive SeaWorld eclipse sunglasses. Visitors will also have the chance to indulge in eclipse-themed culinary delights and purchase commemorative merchandise.

For those interested in attending SeaWorld’s eclipse party or seeking additional information, a link has been provided.

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In addition, an embedded video has been included in the article, providing viewers with a visual representation of the solar eclipse.

Sources: KENS 5, SeaWorld, NASA

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