Scammers Impersonating FBI via Spoofed Manor Police Number

Reports of a scam targeting residents in the Manor area have prompted warnings from the local police department. Authorities in Manor, Texas, have become aware of scammers who are employing a technique known as “spoofing,” whereby they counterfeit the department’s phone number and contact individuals, claiming to represent the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

According to police officials, the scammers make contact with potential victims under the guise of being involved in a significant investigation. Subsequently, they proceed to coerce the targets by threatening arrest unless they comply with a request to send money via an international wire transfer.

To combat this fraudulent activity, Manor police are stressing that they will never initiate contact with residents in order to solicit funds. Authorities advise anyone who receives such a call to promptly hang up and refrain from sending any money.

In addition to this directive, community members are encouraged to file a report with Manor police’s non-emergency line, which can be reached at 512-974-0845. Upon calling, individuals should select option 3 to report any encounters or suspicions related to this scam.

With the local police department, residents, and victims themselves joining forces and remaining vigilant, it is hoped that the prevalence of these fraudulent activities can be diminished. By issuing these warnings and providing avenues for reporting and support, both the Manor police and residents are actively working together to protect the community from scams of this nature.

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