San Marcos Students Encounter Uninhabitable Conditions in New Apartment Complex

Residents at The Junction in San Marcos, Texas have expressed their dissatisfaction with the living conditions, prompting many to consider moving out. Upon moving in, Amaris Cedillo discovered roaches already occupying her new home. Feeling embarrassed by the situation, she felt compelled to explore other housing options despite having already paid rent and obtained renter’s insurance.

Similarly, Elizabeth and her mother Jen, who live across the hall, encountered unpleasant reminders of the previous tenants. They were shocked to find a six-inch wad of hair clogging the bathtub drain, with the bottom of the tub covered in black grime. It took them resorting to a fork to remove the hair and allow the tub to drain properly.

Jen also expressed frustration over the air conditioning issues they were facing, as well as a missing key that had yet to be provided by maintenance. Amaris also encountered problems such as missing baseboards and water damage, along with the presence of mold. Elizabeth emphasized the dreadful state of the apartment, describing it as uninhabitable upon her arrival.

These residents, along with others who spoke to FOX 7, discovered that the condition of their apartments did not match what they saw in the showroom or what they agreed to in their lease agreements. Elizabeth questioned how anyone could live in such conditions and how the complex could lease apartments in that state.

Elizabeth and Amaris claimed that management assured them they would address these issues. However, Jen expressed doubt about whether any action would be taken, stating that the problems should have been resolved prior to the tenants’ arrival. Amaris went even further, asserting that the living conditions had deteriorated beyond repair.

Seeking answers and resolution, Amaris called for the complex to provide suitable housing and refund their money. Both she and Elizabeth began searching for alternative living arrangements despite the added stress of starting new jobs and school.

FOX 7 reached out to the complex for comment, but they declined to provide a statement.

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