San Antonio’s Skeleton House Delights with Daily Halloween Scenes

Stone Oak Family Takes Halloween Decorations to the Next Level

SAN ANTONIO — In a neighborhood known for its extravagant Halloween displays, one family in Stone Oak is capturing the attention of passersby with their daily changing decorations. The Skeleton House of San Antonio, located in the Promontory Pointe neighborhood, has become a must-see attraction for locals and visitors alike.

Every morning throughout the month of October, residents and neighbors eagerly anticipate the latest surprise awaiting them as they traverse down Promontory Circle. Steven Dinote, the proud owner of the Skeleton House, expressed his delight in bringing smiles to people’s faces. “People were walking by going, ‘Oh, thank you! We’re changing our routes for the walks and the drives!'” said Dinote.

The Dinote family, who reside in the Stone Oak area, has made it a tradition to transform their home into a spectacle of creativity and humor. From Monty Python scenes to Mario Kart races, their daily Halloween scenes never fail to captivate and entertain. The family draws inspiration from various sources, jotting down ideas whenever they strike. “When we see something that’s funny or see something that gives us that spark, we just put it down on our phone,” explained Dinote.

The family’s dedication to their craft is evident in the attention to detail and the sheer variety of their displays. They utilize props and materials they already have on hand to bring their ideas to life, resulting in an impressive showcase that amazes both young and old. The neighborhood has wholeheartedly embraced the Skeleton House, with neighbors expressing their gratitude for the joy it brings. “I see it every day on my way to school, so it makes my day!” shared one neighbor, while another added, “They are so kind and so sweet. This is all for our enjoyment.”

The origins of the Skeleton House can be traced back to October 2020 when Dinote playfully arranged skeletons in amusing poses inside his home. Encouraged by his family’s positive reaction, he decided to take the concept outdoors. “I put [the skeleton] on the lawnmower. My wife walked out and said, ‘Oh, that’s funny!'” recalled Dinote. The positive feedback from the community spurred them to continue experimenting with different themes and scenarios.

The Skeleton House of San Antonio has garnered a significant following on their Facebook page, where they regularly share photos of their daily displays. Fans eagerly anticipate each new creation, which never fails to disappoint. However, amidst the ever-changing decorations, one thing remains constant: on October 31st, Halloween night, the skeletons join the neighborhood children in their trick-or-treating adventures.

For the Dinote family, their passion for spreading joy and creating memorable experiences during the Halloween season is unwavering. When asked how long they plan to continue this tradition, Arianna Dinote, Steven’s daughter, confidently replied, “At least ’til I die, maybe. I’ll carry on the tradition.” With their infectious enthusiasm and dedication to bringing smiles to people’s faces, the Skeleton House of San Antonio is sure to remain a beloved staple of Stone Oak for years to come.

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