San Antonio Zoo offers discounted $8 admission for locals on Saturday

San Antonio residents will have the chance to visit the San Antonio Zoo at a discounted admission price of $8 per person on Saturday, August 12. This local discount is a generous gesture from the zoo to express gratitude towards the residents of San Antonio, as well as an opportunity to educate visitors about the numerous benefits and attractions the zoo offers.

To avail of the discounted admission, visitors will need to provide proof of residency in Bexar County. Additionally, the zoo has made it convenient for individuals to purchase discounted admissions online, making the process more accessible and hassle-free.

The San Antonio Zoo understands the importance of providing opportunities for locals to plan their visits well in advance. Hence, they have organized various locals days throughout the year, ensuring that residents can fully make use of these special offerings. For more detailed information about discounts and upcoming locals days, interested individuals can click here.

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Lastly, the article encourages readers to reach out to the KENS 5 team should they have any inquiries or want to get in touch. They provide readers with the option to use the Contacts page on their website or email individual team members directly.

In conclusion, San Antonio residents have an exciting opportunity to visit the San Antonio Zoo at a discounted price, allowing them to explore the various attractions while expressing appreciation for their continued support. Furthermore, KENS 5’s rich history and commitment to delivering impactful news and entertainment underscore their role as a trusted source for the community. With their diverse range of platforms, KENS 5 ensures that viewers can stay informed and engaged in today’s digital landscape.

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