San Antonio police officers shot during pursuit discharged from hospital in ongoing recovery

Two San Antonio police officers are currently recuperating after being shot by a fugitive during a dramatic pursuit on the city’s west side last week. The officers, whose identities were not released, were seriously injured while attempting to apprehend a wanted suspect. The incident unfolded when law enforcement officers spotted 28-year-old Jesse Garcia, who was wanted on three warrants. The officers worked relentlessly to bring Garcia into custody, but their efforts were met with gunfire.

Following the incident, the San Antonio Police Officers’ Association (SAPOA) provided an update on the officers’ conditions. Sharing photos of the officers leaving the hospital, surrounded by their fellow uniformed colleagues, SAPOA expressed their gratitude for the officers’ bravery and resilience. The images showcased the camaraderie and support within the law enforcement community.

Richard Miller, president of the 100 Club of San Antonio, a nonprofit organization that supports first responders, commented on the intense trauma that the officers will carry with them throughout their lives. The 100 Club provides financial assistance to injured first responders and the families of those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Miller personally visited the two most severely injured officers to offer initial financial support on behalf of the grateful community.

While the authorities did not disclose the officers’ names or provide detailed updates on their conditions, sources revealed that one of the officers is Rhett Shoquist, a member of the SWAT team and a third-generation law enforcement officer. Shoquist, a father of two, remains in good spirits and is thankful to be alive after narrowly escaping a potentially fatal injury. The source mentioned that Shoquist’s protective eye gear likely saved his life, although he may still lose his eye.

Miller emphasized the overwhelming outpouring of support and well-wishes from the community, which has helped uplift the injured officers. Thousands of thoughts and prayers have been directed toward their recovery. The 100 Club pledged to provide a monthly stipend to both officers until they no longer require assistance, while also offering counseling services to their family members.

The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) is expected to release the names of the wounded officers involved in the pursuit on Tuesday. As the investigation continues, the incident serves as a poignant reminder of the dangers faced by law enforcement officers daily. The community’s support stands as a testament to their dedication and bravery.

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