San Antonio Family Continues Desperate Search for Missing Grandfather

San Antonio Family Desperate to Find Missing Grandfather with Dementia

San Antonio, Texas – The Mesa family is desperately seeking the safe return of their beloved patriarch, Ramon Mesa, who has been missing since August 7. With great anguish, the family revealed that Ramon suffers from dementia, is without financial means, and is in immediate need of his medication.

Crystal Regan, Ramon’s daughter, tearfully pleads for her father’s return, saying, “It is really hard. I will just get my maps and look at them, and stare at different areas around here.” The family’s anguish is palpable as they try to navigate the uncertainty and fear that accompany Ramon’s disappearance.

On the day he went missing, Ramon was at his sister’s residence on Sargent Street and Pecan Valley Drive. Unfortunately, he walked out and never returned, leaving the family desperate for answers. Crystal expresses her concern, stating, “I am terrified of so many things. I am afraid he is not eating, or drinking to stay hydrated if he’s out here in the area. It is so hot out here. We are afraid he might have a seizure somewhere and with this heat.”

Recent developments have only intensified the family’s worries. Ramon’s wallet was discovered near the baseball fields by South Side Lions Park, heightening concerns about his whereabouts. Furthermore, his phone goes straight to voicemail, adding to the sense of urgency. Crystal fears that the scorching heat may have caused her father to lose his memory, hindering his ability to communicate if he is still in the vicinity or hiding somewhere nearby.

In their tireless efforts to locate Ramon, Crystal and her family have taken to posting flyers throughout the community, particularly in the south-east side of town. With heartfelt concern, Crystal relays the message to her father, “Your grandkids are worried sick. They miss your jokes. They want you home just as much as I do and as much as everybody in the family.”

To aid in the search, it is crucial that the public remains vigilant. Ramon Mesa has two distinct tattoos that may help identify him. One tattoo bears his name on his knuckles, while the other, located on his right forearm, depicts a heart-shaped design with a lightning bolt arrow.

If you have any information about Ramon Mesa’s whereabouts or have seen him, please contact the San Antonio Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit at 210-207-7660. Alternatively, you can reach out to Crystal Regan at 210-286-0373.

The Mesa family remains hopeful that their beloved patriarch will be found safe and sound, allowing them to breathe a sigh of relief during this distressing time.

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