San Antonio community unites amidst surge in property crimes, decline in violent incidents.

San Antonio Neighbors Together, formerly known as National Night Out, saw an impressive turnout this year as thousands of people from across the city came together on Tuesday night. This community-wide event served as a demonstration of unity and solidarity against crime, with residents taking the opportunity to connect with their neighbors and local law enforcement partners. According to the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), over 400 neighborhoods registered for this year’s event.

Officer Arieh DeLeon, who attended the Harlandale ISD event, emphasized the importance of transparency in building trust between the community and law enforcement. “We like to be transparent and that’s why we are out here,” he said. “We like to answer all the questions people have and I think transparency builds that trust.”

The latest crime statistics released by SAPD show an overall increase in property crimes compared to the same period last year. However, crimes against individuals and society, including homicides and sex offenses, have decreased.

In a breakdown of crime trends from January through August 2023, SAPD reported a significant increase in human trafficking cases, with an alarming 88.9% rise. Kidnappings also saw an increase of 8.7%, while vandalism and destruction of property rose by 4.8%. Vehicle thefts surged by 66%, and robberies increased by 6.8%. On the other hand, there was a decrease in burglary cases by 13.9%, homicide offenses by 36%, and sex offenses by 7.3%.

Residents like David Campos highlighted the importance of neighborly support in reducing crime throughout the year. Campos shared that on his street, neighbors watch out for each other and lend a helping hand when needed. “More often than not, a neighbor turns on that light. You hear a neighbor calling a neighbor,” he said.

Law enforcement officers emphasized that effective communication is key to reducing crime in local communities. By fostering open lines of communication and looking out for one another, San Antonians can work together to create safer neighborhoods.

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San Antonio Neighbors Together has not only brought communities closer but has also served as a platform for dialogue and collaboration between residents and law enforcement. By fostering these connections, the city aims to create a safer and more united community for all its residents.

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