San Antonio Breaks Record for Highest Number of Triple-Digit Temperature Days

San Antonio, known as the Alamo City, has reached a significant milestone in 2023 with a record-breaking number of days experiencing scorching temperatures above 100 degrees. This relentless heatwave shows no sign of letting up, and the total count could continue to rise.

On Sunday, San Antonio shattered the previous all-time record for the most triple-digit heat days in a single year. The new record now stands at a staggering 60 days, surpassing the previous milestone of 59 days set back in 2009. This unprecedented level of heat is causing concern among residents and experts alike.

Adding to this astonishing feat, another record was broken earlier this month. San Antonio experienced a stretch of consecutive days with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. From July 30 to August 21, the Alamo City endured a scorching heatwave for 23 days straight, beating the previous record of 21 days set in 1962.

San Antonio’s hottest temperature ever recorded stands at a blistering 111 degrees, which occurred on September 5, 2000. This extreme heat can have severe impacts on public health, infrastructure, and daily life in the city.

Interestingly, weather observations in San Antonio date back to January 1, 1846, first recorded at Camp Almus near the historic Alamo. These historical weather records provide valuable insight into the climate patterns and changes over time, offering context to the record-breaking heat currently experienced.

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