Salvation Army Provides Mobile Services Amid San Antonio’s Arctic Blast

Volunteers from the Salvation Army in San Antonio are taking decisive action to offer support to the city’s homeless population amidst the severe cold weather. These dedicated individuals are delivering warm meals and distributing blankets to various warming centers and homeless encampments. Brad Mayhar, one of the volunteers, emphasized the importance of caring for those who are most vulnerable in such challenging conditions.

On Sunday, the Salvation Army mobilized their feeding truck, providing hot meals to those in need while also distributing blankets to help combat the freezing temperatures. Mayhar expressed the organization’s commitment to assisting the community’s most marginalized individuals, stating, “It’s about taking care of the people who need the help the most.”

In addition to their immediate relief efforts, the Salvation Army is actively working to expand the capacity of their emergency family shelter and men’s shelter. The demand for shelter space is currently at a critical level, with both facilities nearly reaching their limits. Mayhar revealed that over 200 homeless individuals are being served each night between the two shelters, highlighting the urgency to extend their support network across the city.

To ensure they reach as many people as possible, the Salvation Army has implemented a strategy of taking their services on the road during times like these. Mayhar emphasized the significance of assisting a community that is often overlooked, stating, “We take our services on the road in times like this.” He underscored the potentially life-saving nature of their work, recognizing the dire consequences that extreme weather conditions can pose for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Despite the ongoing efforts to aid those living on the streets, the Salvation Army remains committed to providing assistance to anyone who seeks it at their shelters. Mayhar emphasized that no one will be turned away, especially when temperatures drop below freezing. The organization ensures that individuals have the option to stay in their lobby and receive a blanket, ensuring they are not left empty-handed.

Mayhar expressed gratitude for the support the Salvation Army receives from the community, acknowledging that their ability to carry out their mission is made possible by the generosity of others. He encouraged anyone who is able to donate to consider supporting the Salvation Army, emphasizing that homelessness can affect anyone. “If someone asks, what does a homeless person look like? I say, look in the mirror because it can be anyone,” Mayhar stated.

In addition to their efforts on the ground, the Salvation Army is facilitating free transportation to warming centers for those in need. Furthermore, individuals who wish to contribute can donate blankets or winter gear by dropping them off at 515 W. Elmira or by making an online donation. The community’s support is vital in ensuring the Salvation Army can continue providing crucial aid to those experiencing homelessness during this challenging period.

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