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April Showers Soaked the Region, May Brings Blooming Moon and Hot Temperatures

As opposed to the dry spell experienced last year, April has been a soggy month of abundant rainfall for most regions, with precipitation amounting to well above average levels. The situation was a stark contrast to the same period last year when the region struggled with significantly low rainfall, paving the way for a four-month drought. As April came to a close, it was not yet time to wave goodbye to rainy days, as downpour persisted through the month.

The rainy spell has also been accompanied by cooler temperatures, given the extended cloud cover. In fact, all through the month, the region had been experiencing constant downpour, with temperatures staying relatively low. This followed a trend of at least a little rain every week that had been persistent since the start of the month.

As May ushers in, sky watchers are in for a double treat, with two celestial events expected to light up the night skies this week. First is the blooming full moon, a stunning spectacle set to occur on May 5th. At the same time, the month’s only meteor shower, the Eta Aquarid, is also expected, with the moon’s brightness likely to affect visibility.

However, daytime temperatures could be an issue for many, as the region braces for what could be another hot month. With temperatures expected to rise steadily through the month, with highs averaging 90 degrees. In fact, the region had already experienced highs of 99 degrees, giving a hint of what to expect this month.

Despite the heat, the region should also expect showers consistently throughout the month, providing some much-needed relief from the sizzling sun. The precipitation, though expected to be within average levels, could still be significant, given the conducive atmospheric conditions.

Finally, as the Eastern Pacific hurricane season starts on May 15th, the region is reminded that the hurricane season is approaching fast, with the local season set to begin on June 1st. In recent years, there have been instances of May tropical storms, a trend expected to continue, indicating the need to remain vigilant.

In summary, as May finally arrives, the region experiences a mixed bag of weather patterns, from blooming moon to scorching heat. With showers expected to persist throughout the month, residents must remain watchful of potential flooding or other related dangers.

Frank, the regional weather expert, encourages everyone to embrace this new month, explore the outdoors, and bask in the sun and rain to experience everything it has to offer. Contact him with questions or comments, and stay safe and informed as the month ensues.

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