“Safari West Names Baby Rhino in Recent Announcement”

Safari West, the private wildlife reserve situated in the northern Santa Rosa region, has recently announced that the naming ceremony of the newborn rhino has been concluded. The baby rhino, born earlier this month, has been named Otto Lang by the staff and visitors of the park. The decision was reached after contemplating numerous options, in honor of Peter Lang’s father, Otto Lang.

Peter Lang, the founder of Safari West, disclosed that his father, Otto Lang, was an accomplished skier who later turned to Hollywood production, which exposed Peter Lang to the animals featured in various films. As a result of his fascination with the creatures, Peter Lang subsequently founded Safari West, as per the press release obtained from the park.

Otto the rhino has proven to be healthy and has been exuberantly active since his birth at Safari West. With several other rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes, and other exotic animals, the wildlife reserve offers the perfect paradise for animal enthusiasts and adventurers. Otto Lang represents the newest addition to the park and assures visitors of an unforgettable experience during their stay.

Safari West offers various packages for animal lovers to observe the reserve’s spectacular animal life and wilderness. The range of packages includes guided safari tours, private wildlife tours, and a chance to stay in luxurious tents situated in the middle of the park’s breathtaking savanna land. Dotted with over 900 animals, the reserve has vast plains and scenic views almost like a scene from a movie set.

In conclusion, the naming of the baby rhino has brought to notice the glorious history of the park’s founder, Peter Lang, and his love for all creatures big and small. As visitors continue to flock the wildlife reserve, Otto Lang, the rhino calf, remains an excellent new addition that’ll give animal lovers a renewed appreciation of wildlife. The past, present, and future of Safari West are sure to captivate visitors’ senses, making it a worthwhile and unforgettable experience for all.

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