SA charter school faces more parent reports of traumatic events involving child’s blood sugar

Great Hearts Western Hills Upper School, a San Antonio charter school, is facing new allegations from parents regarding the medical care provided to students. In recent months, KENS 5 has reported on two separate news stories related to this school. However, a recent email from a concerned parent to KENS 5 has shed light on a serious medical situation at the school.

The parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared the details of a traumatic incident involving his daughter, who is a Type 1 diabetic. He explained that his daughter wears a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that allows both him and the school nurse to track her blood sugar levels at all times. According to the father, the school has a 504 plan in place that outlines specific instructions for dealing with severe hypoglycemia, including contacting the parent immediately.

On October 31, the father claims that the nurse called for his daughter during class but the teacher refused to let her leave until she finished her work. Other students who were aware of the situation urged the teacher to allow the student to go to the nurse, but their pleas were ignored. The father stated that his daughter’s blood sugar level at that time was 65 and decreasing. It wasn’t until another student ran to the nurse for help that his daughter received the necessary treatment.

Disturbingly, the father was never informed about the incident by the school, which is a violation of his daughter’s 504 plan. He only learned about it from his daughter the night after it occurred. Other families at Great Hearts Western Hills also confirmed the story. The father and his wife subsequently met with school administrators and the teacher to discuss the incident. During the meeting, the teacher claimed she was unaware of the situation, which raised concerns about her integrity.

The father reached out to the school board and Great Hearts Texas administrators, and he received a timely response from the superintendent. The school has requested that he give the headmaster an opportunity to address the issues raised. The father has expressed his hope that the school nurse will not face any repercussions for the incident, as he believes she has consistently shown care and compassion for his child’s medical needs.

In seeking accountability, the father is scheduled to meet with the Great Hearts Upper School headmaster on Friday. He aims to discuss improved communication measures among administrators and additional training for teachers regarding 504 plans. Furthermore, he has filed a complaint with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to ensure proper investigation and resolution.

Great Hearts Texas declined to comment specifically on this situation but stated in an email to KENS 5 that they are aware of the incident and will work with the parent involved. The father remains hopeful that through their meeting, a resolution can be reached to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future. He emphasized the importance of not having to contemplate how much worse the situation could have become.

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