Round Rock ISD to Hold Public Meetings on VATRE and 5-Year Strategic Plan

Round Rock Independent School District (ISD) is set to conduct a series of public meetings to address the upcoming Proposition A ballot measure and the District’s comprehensive five-year strategic plan. These meetings aim to engage the community and provide valuable insights into the proposed initiatives.

The focus of the discussions will primarily be on Proposition A, also known as the Voter Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE). This unprecedented measure was initiated by the District in late August, with the objective of bolstering staff salaries and compensating for the loss of federal funding, increased recapture payments, and inflationary pressures. The VATRE is scheduled to take place on November 7, following extensive research and the approval of the 2023-24 budget by the Board.

A diverse range of participants, including parents, guardians, teachers, students, community members, and local business owners, are cordially invited to attend three public forums dedicated to Prop A. These forums will serve as an interactive platform for attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the measure and its potential implications.

In order to participate in the virtual forums, community members are required to register online due to the limited capacity imposed by the Zoom platform. As there is a cap of 1,000 registrations, the District has adopted a first-come, first-served registration process. Registered participants will receive a reminder via email 24 hours prior to the forum. Additionally, the virtual public forum will be recorded and made available online for those who are unable to attend. Participants can also submit their inquiries regarding Prop A through the provided online platform.

In addition to discussing Proposition A, the District will also be facilitating discussions on the 2024-29 Round Rock ISD Strategic Plan. Community members are encouraged to actively engage in these sessions, which aim to shape the long-term vision, objectives, and goals of the District’s education system. The Strategic Planning Meetings are structured summits specifically designed to produce an actionable plan that enhances the performance and effectiveness of Round Rock students’ educational experiences and outcomes.

It is important to note that these meetings are not public forums and follow a different format. Attendees must adhere to the rules of engagement specified for the summit. Unfortunately, there will be no opportunity for open public comments during the meetings. To ensure active participation, attendees are encouraged to bring their mobile devices.

The District is committed to inclusivity and will conduct the meetings in both English and Spanish, catering to the diverse needs of the community. Community members can submit their questions regarding the Strategic Plan through the provided online platform.

For those interested, a review of the 2018 Round Rock ISD Strategic Plan is also available for reference.

These public meetings provide an excellent opportunity for the Round Rock community to engage with the District, voice their concerns, and contribute to shaping the future of education in the area. Your active participation is crucial in ensuring a well-informed and inclusive decision-making process.

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