Round Rock ISD board greenlights salary increase for all staff.

Round Rock Independent School District (ISD) in Texas has approved a 3 percent raise for teachers and librarians despite some community members expressing their concerns over the budget plan for the upcoming school year. The pay raise for educators will be a general increase across the board and not a 3 percent increase of their base salary, said Eddie Curran, the Round Rock ISD Chief of Human Resources Officer. Meanwhile, all other employees will receive a 2 percent general pay increase based on the midpoint rate of the pay grade in which their position is grouped.

Superintendent Dr. Hafedh Azaiez said that the 3 percent pay increase was just one way in which the district is trying to provide better compensation for its teachers. The 5 percent pay raise approved for teachers last year, which was designed to address the increasing cost of living, was also part of this effort. The district will continue to work on ways to attract teachers and retain those already in the system.

During a public comment forum, some educators raised objections to the budget plan. One Round Rock ISD educator called the 3 percent pay raise “insulting” and felt that leadership roles had to be fought for in the past year. However, the school board voted to pass the proposed salary increase for teachers and librarians.

The district is also considering additional ways to increase pay for its teachers. Dr. Azaiez is looking at the possibility of increasing the pay bump to 6 percent and this option will be further discussed in a meeting next month when the board will be making a vote on the budget plan.

It remains to be seen if the proposed increase in compensation will be enough to meet the needs of teachers in Round Rock ISD as the cost of living continues to increase. However, the district is committed to providing better compensation for its teachers and staff in order to retain its top talent and keep its educational programs strong.

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