Round Rock 2023: Unveiling the Finest in Sports and Entertainment

The results for our annual “Best of Round Rock” contest have been announced, and we are thrilled to share the winners in the Sports and Entertainment categories for 2023. This year’s winners have been awarded Gold (1st place), Silver (2nd place), and Bronze (3rd place) distinctions. We would like to extend our congratulations to all the winners and express our gratitude to everyone who participated in determining the victors.

In the category of “Best Annual Round Rock Event,” the Gold award goes to the July 4th Parade, a spectacular display of patriotism and celebration. Taking the Silver position is the Chalk Walk, an event that brings out the creativity of Round Rock’s residents. And finally, the Bronze award is given to Monster Mini Golf’s Winter Monsterland, a thrilling winter wonderland experience.

Moving on to the “Best Gym/Fitness Center” category, the Gold winner is the Clay Madsen Recreation Center. This exceptional facility offers a wide range of fitness activities and amenities. Claiming the Silver spot is the CHASCO Family YMCA, known for its dedication to promoting health and well-being in the community. And lastly, Orange Theory takes home the Bronze award for its innovative approach to fitness training.

In the fiercely competitive “Best Martial Arts Studio” category, the Gold distinction is awarded to Master Yang’s World Class TaeKwonDo, a studio renowned for its expert instructors and comprehensive martial arts programs. Shaolin Do Kung Fu secures the Silver position, showcasing its commitment to preserving the ancient art of Kung Fu. ATA Maldonado earns the Bronze award for its dedication to teaching self-defense and instilling discipline in its students.

For the “Best ‘Round Rock’ Thing to Do” category, the Gold winner is the Round Rock Express Game, offering thrilling baseball action and a memorable experience for fans. The Silver award goes to Old Settlers Park, a beloved destination for outdoor recreation and family fun. And finally, Monster Mini Golf and Laser Tag takes the Bronze spot, providing hours of entertainment for both kids and adults.

In the “Best Bar” category, the top honor of Gold is bestowed upon the Brass Tap, a popular destination for craft beer enthusiasts. The Silver award goes to the Anchor Bar, known for its inviting atmosphere and wide selection of beverages. And lastly, The Flats secures the Bronze position, offering a unique and trendy bar experience.

If you’re looking for the “Best Glass of Wine in Round Rock,” look no further than Gino’s Italian Restaurant, the recipient of the Gold award. Urban Rooftop claims the Silver spot, providing a sophisticated ambiance to enjoy a fine glass of wine. And Wine Sensation takes home the Bronze award, offering a diverse selection of wines for every palate.

For beer enthusiasts, Pinthouse Pizza is crowned the Gold winner in the “Best Place to Get a Beer” category. The Silver distinction goes to The Brass Tap, known for its extensive beer menu and knowledgeable staff. And Bluebonnet Beer Co. secures the Bronze position, offering a unique selection of craft brews.

When it comes to finding the “Best Happy Hour” in Round Rock, Jack Allen’s Kitchen takes the Gold, providing a delightful selection of drinks and appetizers at special prices. The Silver award goes to Anchor Bar, known for its vibrant happy hour atmosphere. And Ruby Hotel earns the Bronze distinction, offering a cozy and inviting setting for a relaxing evening.

In the realm of “Best Live Entertainment,” Round Rock Tavern claims the Gold award, hosting talented performers and creating a lively atmosphere. Silver goes to Rockey’s Piano Bar, known for its engaging musical performances. And Urban Rooftop secures the Bronze position, offering a unique rooftop experience with live entertainment.

For those seeking the best holiday experiences, the Gold award for “Best Holiday Event” goes to Downtown Christmas Lights, a dazzling display of festive decorations that captivates visitors. The Silver spot is claimed by the July 4th Parade, a celebration of independence complete with colorful floats and marching bands. And Winter Monsterland at Monster Mini Golf earns the Bronze award, providing a magical and immersive winter-themed experience.

When planning a memorable date night in Round Rock, Gino’s Italian Restaurant takes the Gold, offering delicious cuisine and a romantic atmosphere. Salt Traders secures the Silver position, known for its exquisite seafood dishes. And Monster Mini Golf and Laser Tag earns the Bronze spot, providing a fun and exciting date night activity.

We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who voted and supported our Round Rock businesses. Your participation has made this contest a resounding success. Be sure to check out the winners in the FOOD, SHOPPING & SERVICES, and CHILDREN’S categories as well.

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