Round Rock 2023: Cast Your Vote for the Best

Welcome to the Annual Best of Round Rock Poll, proudly sponsored by Round the Rock. Our objective is to uncover your opinions on the best aspects of our remarkable city!

The nominations for this prestigious poll were collected during the months of September and October in 2023, resulting in thousands of votes across an extensive range of 70 different categories. While our intention was to identify the top five nominees for each category, it is important to acknowledge that some categories have fewer than five nominees. This discrepancy may arise due to insufficient business nominations, or a significant drop-off in nominations after the third or fourth place. Consequently, you will notice several categories with fewer than five choices. In each category, the nominees are presented in no particular order.

We have taken great pleasure in providing this poll to you year after year, and we kindly request your assistance in maintaining the integrity of the voting process. This poll serves not only as a means to recognize the finest businesses in Round Rock but also as a valuable resource for you, the reader, to discover new and exciting establishments.

To ensure the authenticity of the vote, we implore you to vote only once. The software we employ prevents duplicate voting, but we have observed instances of dishonest voting over the years. We emphasize that any business associated with multiple voting will be immediately disqualified. While the desire to win is universal, it is essential that we uphold honesty and fairness. In an effort to enhance the security of the Best of Round Rock voting process, we have transitioned to a different software provider this year. We sincerely appreciate your support in maintaining a high degree of integrity throughout our voting process.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of the poll. Please take your time to answer the following polls, which have been divided into four categories: Food, Shops & Services, Children’s Activities, and Sports & Entertainment. Remember, you may only cast your vote once, so it is crucial to make an informed decision. Additionally, we encourage you to share the poll with your friends and family. Voting will continue until Sunday, November 12, 2023, at 8pm.

If you are a newcomer to Round the Rock, we have a special invitation for you. Stay updated on all the activities and events taking place in our vibrant city by following us on Facebook. Be sure to join our Facebook group as well, to ensure that you don’t miss out on any exciting events.

Thank you for your participation in the Annual Best of Round Rock Poll. Together, let’s celebrate the excellence of our city and support the businesses that make it truly exceptional.

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