Robbinsville Water Pressure Levels Showing Steady Increase

Aqua officials have notified the Office of Emergency Management in Robbinsville Township, NJ, that water pressure levels in the impacted areas have been found to be on the rise. This news comes after it was reported that there was severe damage to the water pressure caused by a pump and well maintenance failure on Thursday. Aqua NJ made it clear that the water supply has been continuously scrutinized and is deemed completely safe for consumption.

The Robbinsville School District has also been carrying out tests to check the pressure at its three schools, with Superintendent Brian Betze expected to provide a separate update soon regarding Monday’s opening status.

In the event that water pressure levels continue to rise and subsequently return to normal rates, the OEM will lift the current State of Emergency. It is worth noting that the current state of emergency includes water conservation measures that came into effect on Friday. Aqua NJ and the Township both expressed gratitude to the local residents for their patience during this period of disruption.

Residents have been advised to keep a close eye on pressure levels in their homes and businesses and continue to conserve water whenever possible until the State of Emergency is lifted.

The crisis was brought to wider attention by a news article shared on MidJersey News. The article displayed a photo of water treatment professionals installing new filters on a charcoal filtering unit to handle the growing demand for clean water in Robbinsville township amidst the emergency. The article also presented a glimpse of the affected areas in the township, with water being supplied by tank trucks parked on street corners.

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