Robbinsville Senior Launches Innovative Student Volunteer Website

Adhviklal Thoppe, a 17-year-old senior at Robbinsville High School in New Jersey, has taken it upon himself to address a common problem faced by students: keeping track of volunteer opportunities. Recognizing the difficulty of managing multiple events and emails flooding his inbox, Adhviklal decided to create a solution. Thus, was born, a website that aims to consolidate all volunteer information in one convenient platform.

The idea for Wingman struck Adhviklal when he was searching for volunteering events himself. Frustrated by the lack of organization and the struggle to find relevant opportunities, he realized that he could create a simple and user-friendly website to help others stay organized with their volunteering endeavors. With his passion for computer science and the skills acquired from working at a local Code Ninjas, Adhviklal spent his summer bringing his pet project to life.

Wingman serves as a go-to platform for both teachers and students, facilitating the sharing of educational events that offer volunteer opportunities. By eliminating the need for emails and scattered information, the website streamlines the process, making it easier for students to locate and participate in volunteer events. Adhviklal’s creation has essentially become an unofficial volunteer opportunity in itself, tailored to his interests and aimed at benefiting his alma mater.

While anyone can access the website, only Robbinsville school administrators or those with a security password can post volunteer opportunities. Adhviklal has received immense support from his school counselor, JoAnne Walker, and Robbinsville High School Assistant Principal Nicole Rossi-Mumpower. After presenting the concept to Superintendent Brian J. Betze, who also expressed enthusiasm, the project received the green light.

With the website now up and running, administrators and teachers are actively loading events for students to consider. Adhviklal, when he’s not coding, can be found practicing Taekwondo as a second-degree black belt, playing the guitar, creating 3D models, and producing music for game development. His next goal is to complete college applications and pursue a major in computer science, with aspirations of attending a prestigious institution and obtaining a graduate degree.

Adhviklal’s creation of demonstrates his commitment to making volunteering more accessible for students. By providing a centralized platform for posting and discovering volunteer opportunities, he has not only addressed a pressing issue but also shown his dedication to giving back to his school district.

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