Robbinsville Board Proceeds to Address Deficits, Proposing $4.8 Million Tax Increase

Robbinsville Township Board of Education Seeks Additional Funding to Preserve Quality Education

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (MERCER) – In response to a lack of state aid, the Robbinsville Township Board of Education has taken the unanimous decision to present a public question to voters on November 7, 2023. The question will seek $4.8 million in additional revenue to address anticipated deficits in the upcoming school budgets.

The primary purpose of this funding is not to initiate new programs but to safeguard the exceptional quality of the three schools in Robbinsville. The Board of Education attributes the funding shortfalls to the inadequacy of state aid as determined by the state Department of Education.

Robbinsville Superintendent Brian Betze expressed his frustration, saying, “For reasons unknown to us, Robbinsville consistently receives less state aid compared to other school districts in Mercer County. This has compelled us to take drastic measures in order to protect the esteemed reputation of our school district. We are deeply saddened by the need for such action, but we cannot stand idly by when the quality and reputation of Robbinsville schools are under threat.”

Robbinsville Public Schools take pride in their exceptional staff, diverse programs, valuable resources, vibrant athletics, and enriching clubs. The $4.8 million in funding, if approved by the voters, will serve to safeguard these invaluable components, ensuring that students can continue to receive a diverse and exceptional education.

The school district is currently facing a projected $2.1 million shortfall in fixed costs. Additionally, there is a predicted $2.7 million reduction in state aid, resulting in an overall deficit of $4.8 million for the 2024-25 school year. The proposed public question, with the approval of voters, will bridge this financial gap and prevent any negative impact on educational offerings.

“If we secure the $4.8 million, we can confidently plan for the next two years, knowing that the district’s financial needs are met,” Superintendent Betze highlighted. “Our goal is to ensure stability and maintain the high standards of education that our community expects and deserves. We want to assure you that every dollar allocated from the proposed funding will be used judiciously and with transparency and accountability as our core values.”

To engage with the community, school officials will be actively discussing the upcoming referendum, encouraging residents to obtain more information, ask questions, and spread the word to ensure strong voter participation on November 7. Regular updates regarding the referendum will be available on the school district’s website,

As the date for the public question approaches, Robbinsville Township Board of Education remains committed to preserving quality education and securing the necessary funding to protect the district’s outstanding reputation.

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