Road rage shooting in Fort Worth results with one dead, stopped traffic, but could have been even worse

Fort Worth, TX – The road rage incident that took place last Friday ended up fatal for the motorcyclist who was shot and transferred to hospital for treatment. The confrontation started between the bike driver and SUV driver after a near collision on the freeway just minutes before the shooting.

According to police reports, the motorcyclist was shot and transferred to hospital for treatment where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

The motorcyclist was driving in between lanes of traffic on the center white line of the highway, police said, when the SUV driver tried to change lanes without seeing the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist then parked in the road stopping traffic, got off his bike and walked toward the SUV driver with his gun drawn, officials said.

The driver of the SUV told police he shot the motorcyclist after the motorcyclist kept his weapon aimed at the vehicle even after the SUV driver told him that he had kids in the car. Instead, the motorcyclist walked toward the SUV with his gun pointed at the driver.

The SUV driver then got his own gun and shot the motorcyclist multiple times, telling officers he feared for his safety and that of his passengers, police said.

Fort Worth police said officers found the gun at the scene that the motorcyclist had at the time of the shooting. They said they have also interviewed multiple witnesses from the shooting.

The SUV driver has been cooperating with police and has not been arrested, officials said. contributed to this report.

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