Reward: $5,000 for Killing of California Condor Near Bay Area

Federal wildlife officials are currently seeking assistance in a troubling case involving the shooting and subsequent killing of an endangered California condor last year, just outside the Bay Area. In an official news release on Tuesday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced their ongoing investigation into the incident, which occurred in Hollister, California, in July 2022. The lifeless condor was discovered on privately owned land bordering Lone Tree Road.

Upon conducting forensic examinations, the wildlife service has determined that the cause of death for the condor was indeed a gunshot wound, according to the informative release. Outraged by this act of violence against a protected species, the wildlife service has decided to offer a lucrative reward of up to $5,000. This substantial sum is intended to motivate individuals with any information related to the incident to come forward, ultimately leading to the identification and conviction of the perpetrator responsible for this heinous act.

The California condor, known for its majestic stature and distinct appearance, is safeguarded under the Endangered Species Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. As explicitly stated within these legislations, it is strictly unlawful to harm or kill a condor, whether through shooting, injury, or any other means. Violators of these laws may face severe penalties, including imprisonment for up to one year and fines reaching $100,000, as stipulated in the Endangered Species Act. Similarly, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act mandates imprisonment for a period ranging from six months to one year, along with potential fines reaching up to $250,000.

To contribute to the ongoing investigation, individuals possessing valuable information regarding the shooting incident are strongly urged to reach out to the wildlife service’s Office of Law Enforcement, conveniently situated in Sacramento. They can do so by dialing the following number: 916-569-8478. Alternatively, they may also choose to provide pertinent details via email to Special Agent Victoria Van Duzer at [email protected]. Furthermore, it is crucial to note that informants have the option to remain anonymous when providing critical information.

The cruel and senseless killing of the California condor demands swift action and a unified effort to bring the responsible individual to justice. The collective support and vigilance from the public will undoubtedly prove instrumental in ensuring the conservation and protection of these magnificent creatures for future generations, as well as deterring potential perpetrators from committing similar acts of violence against endangered species in the future.

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