Revelations Unveiled: Austin Teen Kidnapping and Sexual Assault

New Details Emerge in Austin Teen Kidnapping and Sexual Assault Case

AUSTIN, Texas – Recent court documents have shed light on the disturbing details surrounding the kidnapping and sexual assault of a teenager in Austin last month. The released affidavit reveals the names of five individuals involved in this heinous operation, some of whom have prior felony charges against them.

The Travis County District Attorney has expressed their determination to hold the suspect accountable for their actions. One of the key figures in this case is Willie Ray Thompson, a known felon with a lengthy criminal history dating back to 1994 when he was just 19 years old. Thompson has accumulated over 20 cases in Travis County, over half of which are felonies including the possession and manufacturing of controlled substances.

According to the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, they view acts of violence against the community with utmost seriousness and are fully committed to collaborating with the Austin Police Department in order to ensure justice prevails. Thompson himself has been charged with trafficking a child, engaging in sexual conduct, and sexually assaulting a minor.

Court documents reveal that on July 25, a 16-year-old girl was abducted from a North Austin gas station. She was subsequently taken to a residence where Thompson injected her with methamphetamine and subjected her to sexual assault. Additionally, court records mention two other individuals who are suspected of participating in sexual misconduct.

In a valiant effort to escape, the teenager devised a plan. As Officer Callie Wolfe of the Austin Police Department explained, “She convinced them to let her go into the store.” This led to a pivotal moment when the captive persuaded her kidnappers to accompany her to a Lowe’s in North Austin. Once inside, she seized the opportunity to flee and found a hiding spot within the store, allowing her to reach out to the authorities.

Upon receiving the distress call, the police promptly arrived at the scene. They were able to apprehend three suspects: 48-year-old Katrina Kaye Crayton, 35-year-old Cordero Taylor, and Willie Ray Thompson. Notably, Crayton was previously convicted of a felony in May 2022. It is important to highlight that the teenage victim had gone missing four days earlier, adding to the urgency and gravity of the situation.

Officer Wolfe, who played a pivotal role in the case, personally informed the teenager’s mother about her daughter’s safety. Overwhelmed with relief and emotion, the mother expressed gratitude for the reunion. At present, Thompson remains in custody, his bail set at $125,000. As for the other individuals involved, no arrests have been made thus far in connection to the case.

The community awaits further updates on this ongoing investigation, hoping for a swift resolution to ensure justice is served and that the victim and her family find solace and a sense of security.

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