Resident shaken as murder investigation in Bandera escalates into Walmart shootout

A murder suspect has left two communities in South Texas traumatized, according to an affidavit. The suspect, identified as Andrew Lester, allegedly shot and killed a woman named Amber Ashlaw on Saturday night in Bandera County. He then fled the scene on a motorcycle, leading deputies on a chase to a Walmart on San Antonio’s northwest side.

Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the pursuit. The affidavit reveals that Lester drove his motorcycle into the store and fired one shot before deputies shot him. He was subsequently taken to University Hospital, where he received medical treatment. By Sunday night, he was arrested by Bandera County deputies and transferred to the Bandera County Jail, as stated in an arrest warrant.

The incident has left residents like Karen Jensen deeply concerned about the rising number of violent crimes in their community. Jensen, whose mother lives near the scene of the initial shooting, expressed frustration and fear. She emphasized the need for caution, stating, “It’s just so overwhelming the amount of robberies and assaults and murder that they’re just throwing them in Bandera County jail as fast as they can.”

The Texas Rangers have joined the investigation but have not provided any updates as of Monday night. The communities affected by this tragedy are waiting for answers and hoping for justice.

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