Red River Cultural District Unveils Fresh Banners and Street Signs

New Custom Street Signs and Banners Debut in Austin’s Red River Cultural District

AUSTIN, Texas – The Red River Cultural District in downtown Austin has unveiled its newest addition – custom street signs and banners that beautifully adorn key intersections from 7th Street to 12th Street along Red River Street. Not only do these signs serve as navigational guides, bu they also pay homage to the local artists and venues that thrive in the district.

Designed by the talented Austin artist Bart Kibbe, these signs and banners showcase the district’s unique logo, capturing the essence and spirit of this vibrant cultural hub. Moreover, the banners effortlessly incorporate phrases like the district’s rallying cry: “Defend Red River.” These new designs build upon the previous ones, elevating the overall aesthetic of the district, as affirmed by the Red River Cultural District.

The grand unveiling of the signs and banners also coincides with the auspicious one-year milestone of the City of Austin’s Red River Area Improvements project, a multifaceted endeavor aimed at enhancing the district’s infrastructure and overall appeal. This milestone is a testament to the authorities’ unwavering commitment to creating a dynamic and inviting environment.

The development of the signs and banners was not a solitary effort. It was the result of a fruitful collaboration between the City of Austin’s Economic Development Department, Transportation and Public Works Department, and the Red River Cultural District. Their joint vision and collective determination have materialized into these visually captivating and functional additions that will surely leave a lasting impression on visitors and locals alike.

As the signs and banners take their place on the busy streets of the Red River Cultural District, they are sure to enhance the overall ambiance, simultaneously promoting local businesses and inspiring a sense of pride among the community. Step by step, Austin’s cultural landscape continues to evolve, setting new benchmarks as a hub of artistic expression and creativity.

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