Quavo’s Assistant Files Lawsuit Against 810 Billiards in Houston Over Takeoff Murder

HOUSTON – Lawyers acting on behalf of Joshua Washington, a victim wounded in the fatal shooting that claimed the life of Grammy-nominated rapper Takeoff last November, have initiated legal action against 810 Houston, its proprietors, and property managers. The lawsuit alleges that the venue and its organizers negligently failed to provide adequate security, screening measures, or emergency assistance, both prior to and following the tragic incident, which resulted in Takeoff’s death and injuries to three other individuals, including Washington.

Washington’s legal representation comprises civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers from the prestigious Strom Law Firm, and Audia Jones from the highly regarded Law Office of Audia Jones.

“810 Houston was explicitly warned about the need for heightened security. They were fully aware that it was a hotbed for violent crime and that an after-hours event like this could escalate into fatality in mere seconds. However, they deliberately disregarded these warnings, and now, they bear the burden of responsibility,” asserted Sellers. “This shooting was an immense tragedy, but it was also a preventable one.”

According to the lawsuit, defendants 810 Houston, LVA4 Houston Greenstreet, Lionstone Partners, Midway Companies Llc, and Cushman & Wakefeld Of Texas neglected to even implement basic security precautions, despite assuring attendees that such measures were already in place. This alleged negligence left victims like Joshua Washington exposed and without assistance when the shooting incident occurred.

“They had an utter lack of adequately trained security personnel, appropriate signage, sufficient lighting, or surveillance cameras. They did not implement any measures to prevent weapons from entering the premises. They didn’t even have a functional metal detector,” elucidated Jones. “This situation was a ticking time bomb of their own creation, and individuals like Takeoff and Joshua Washington unfortunately became collateral damage in the subsequent explosion.”

Joshua Washington, who was serving as a personal assistant to Takeoff’s uncle and bandmate Quavo at the time of the incident, recollected that the promised security measures were conspicuously absent once gunfire erupted.

“There was no one,” recounted Washington. “The bullets began to fly, and nobody came to our aid. There were no security guards attempting to halt the shooting, nobody to assist those of us who were wounded, nobody at all. They simply abandoned us, leaving us to die.”

Washington, an innocent bystander, sustained gunshot wounds to his right side, narrowly avoiding damage to his colon. He presently resides in Georgia.

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For further information regarding the lawsuit, including its complete contents, available HERE, where the document can be accessed.

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