Publix bakery in Orlando declines trans-themed cake, irking customer.

Publix Faces Backlash After Refusing to Write “Trans People Deserve Joy” on Cake

A Central Florida woman is claiming that the employees at a Publix store refused to write the phrase “Trans people deserve joy” on a cake. Yasmin Flasterstein, co-founder of the non-profit organization Peer Support Space, states that the experience was a “shock” for her and her team.

Flasterstein and another co-founder visited a Publix store on Colonial Drive near North Mills Avenue to buy a cake for an event aimed at creating care packages for the trans community. They chose a sheet cake with blue and pink decorations and asked the bakery associate to add the message “trans people deserve joy” to the cake. However, Flasterstein claims that a manager later came out and told them that they could not write the entire message because it could be deemed political in nature.

According to Flasterstein, the denial was disheartening, particularly for her co-founder, a trans non-binary person. She expressed her disappointment on social media, and to her surprise, her post garnered over 100 reactions and comments, including a message from Publix’s verified page that apologized for the misunderstanding and offered to make the cake.

Flasterstein also received apologies from employees at the company after she contacted Publix’s corporate office. News 6 has reached out to Publix’s public affairs office for their response and for more information about their store policy.

This latest incident has renewed discussions about the role of businesses in promoting inclusivity and respect towards the LGBTQ+ community. Flasterstein herself said that the denial was hurtful and that it demonstrated the need for continuing support and advocacy for marginalized communities.

The LGBTQ+ community has faced a long history of discrimination and bigotry, with Transgender individuals being one of the most affected groups. This latest turn of events emphasizes the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all individuals to ensure that everyone can live their lives with dignity and respect.

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