Porch Pirates Use U-Haul to Target Northwest-Side Neighborhood, Video Reveals

In a daring act of theft, two suspected porch pirates utilized a U-Haul as their getaway vehicle during a package theft on the northwest side of San Antonio. The entire incident was captured on camera, providing crucial evidence for law enforcement.

The victim, identified as Alfonso Smith, recounted the incident that took place on Copper Cave near Babcock Road. Smith’s wife received a message stating that her package had been delivered, but upon checking, they discovered that it was nowhere to be found. Determined to uncover the truth, they decided to review their home security cameras.

The surveillance footage revealed a man driving a U-Haul pickup truck passing by Smith’s residence, only to reverse it shortly after. The suspect parked in front of the driveway, swiftly exited the truck, and made his way to Smith’s porch, where he snatched the package. As if taunting the homeowners, the thief waved at the camera before casually tossing the package into the back of the truck. To Smith’s dismay, the stolen item turned out to be a simple bag of sunflower seeds, hardly worth the $19.95 daily rental fee for the U-Haul.

Adding insult to injury, Smith noticed two additional boxes in the bed of the pickup truck, suggesting that the thief had targeted other houses in the neighborhood. Smith’s suspicions were confirmed when a neighbor shared a similar video depicting a different suspect entering the passenger side of the same U-Haul. This revelation led Smith to believe that the theft was a premeditated crime, orchestrated by a well-coordinated duo.

Expressing his concern for the safety of others, Smith stated, “They need to be careful. They are going to mess around and meet a family that’s home…and [that family] might not be nice about it.” The audacity and planning behind the theft left Smith troubled and called for increased vigilance within the community.

When approached for comment, a U-Haul spokesperson revealed that due to the lack of identifiable information in the surveillance footage, such as a license plate or ID number, the company was unable to determine who rented or stole the U-Haul. However, the spokesperson assured that U-Haul employs a dedicated investigations unit that collaborates closely with law enforcement to ensure that those engaged in criminal activities involving their equipment are apprehended and prosecuted.

The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) has initiated an investigation into the incident. Anyone with information about the suspects is urged to contact the police at 210-207-8326, as the authorities work diligently to bring the porch pirates to justice.

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